What’s Happening? Crowds Diss Biden Wherever He Goes

College football crowds around the country have taken to chanting “F*ck Joe Biden”before and during games. Strikes me that when you lose the support of students, you’re losing the culture war even if the older MSM journalists and Hollywood types are still clinging to the wreckage. 

Meanwhile, our Snoozer-in-Chief utterly missed the massive trolling he was getting from these kids all dressed up in MAGA and Trump apparel!

And getting booed at the World Trade Center. seems to be real. One guy chews him out over Afghanistan. 

But while the Left were lathering up in virtuous indignation Trump was doing Trump and getting real with the NYPD and NYFD whom he thanked for their great service. As all the other Presidents loathe him, who can blame him for not going to the same events. It’s a club he wants no part of – and many of us respect him for that.