Three trains, a pipeline leak & pollution 200 miles away! So where’s Pete?

Over on on friends at Self-Reliance Central they covered three aspects of the Palestine, OH Northern Southern train derailment yesterday. Herehere and here. They were all damning, especially the video of the wheel on fire. 

Now there are two more train derailments, a pipeline leak in California and possibly the worst of all – the terrible fallout pollution from the Ohio train “controlled” explosion. 

A State of Emergency was declared on Friday after a major fuel pipeline leak. Governor Joe Lombardo of Nevada issued a State of Emergency yesterday after a pipeline that supplies fuel was shut down due to a leak at a pumping station in Long Beach, California. The fuel line provides 90% of the Las Vegas valley’s fuel needs, causing mass panic with drivers waiting in long lines to fill their tanks before an official shortage could occur. The leak was detected Thursday said Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, which operates the impacted pipeline.

The first train derailment in Palestine, OH has caused pollution down stream

Pete doesn’t care about Ohio – it’s full of white construction workers