Think the armed IRS is going after billionaires? Think again says Congressman

The IRS Criminal Investigation division is the sixth-largest federal law enforcement agency in the U.S. The division claims that it doesn’t perform routine IRS audits on average Americans. It says it investigates criminal cases related to money laundering, cybercrime, bank secrecy, national security, national defense and narcotics organizations, which requires firearms and training for its special agents. Let’s wait and see how that pans out in the upcoming recession. 

Then the massed forces of the Swamp’s MSM went after him. And in case you heard this was fake, it isn’t. Tom Massie proves it again and again. Finally, the so-called fact checkers folded, and removed their flagrantly incorrect “fact checks”.

As Tom Massie says:

Just a reminder, someone is paying those fact checkers’ salaries @ReutersFacts and @AFPFactCheck. For instance, @factcheckdotorg’s vaccine factcheck program is funded by the @RWJF foundation which holds roughly $2 billion worth of vaccine manufacturer $JNJ stock.

Massie also had to waste time pointing out the blindingly obvious to people who can’t tell their semi from their Shinola.