“The worst is yet to come…”

AF Branco: Tragicomedy

Biden is on a trip to Europe this week to take part in a joint emergency Nato summit, G7 summit and European Council meeting to show other world leaders in person how incapable he is. While we all pray for a swift resolution to the Ukraine invasion, we aren’t confident that Joe Biden will have the dynamism to deliver it.

And he won’t have his usual prop with him. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has tested positive for COVID-19 and has mild symptoms. She is vaccinated and boosted. This is the second time in five months she has tested positive. She will no longer travel with President Biden to Europe.

It’s been predicted that US troop deployments in Europe will soon double on the orders of Biden. There are currently around 100,000 troops in Europe. Time to ask why the Democrats are suddenly interested in arming regular citizens, having energy self-sufficiency and a rigorous border control – In another country.