Stop The Bill That Will Keep The Far Left in Power Permanently!

Dear Fellow American,

     Our last line of defense is under attack.

     You and I have to move fast to prevent the Far Left from entrenching themselves in power…


     It’s a plan they’ve been working on for years.

     And now they think they have the votes to make it happen.

     They are going to make Washington, D.C., the 51st state!

     If they succeed, they will have two radical Far Left Senators who will tip the balance of power PERMANENTLY…

     …towards Bigger Government and Far Left socialism!

     You and I must fight back hard and fight back quickly to stop them.
     Our fight begins when you complete your STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY below.

     Your SURVEY results, along with those of one million other patriots, will be delivered to every Member of Congress including weak-kneed GOP leadership in the Senate who – right now – are the only thing standing in the way of this monstrous power grab.

     It’s part of my proven plan to stop the Far Left in their tracks and defend your ability to have your voice heard in our nation’s capital.

As you may know, radical Far Left politicians are in power across the legislative and executive branches of our government.

And they mean to stay there forever.

That’s why one of the first things they intend to do it ram through statehood for Washington, D.C. 

     They have already introduced legislation to do just that.

     H.R. 51 and S. 51 are both known as the D.C. Admissions Act.  H.R. 51 already has 212 co-sponsors in the U.S. House and S. 51 has 39 in the U.S. Senate.

     This legislation is designed to give Far Left politicians critical reinforcements in the U.S. Senate.

     These two Senate seats will be held by the most radical, the most socialist, the most anti-American politicians you have ever seen.

     And why not?

     They will face no backlash from their voters. They will never face retribution for their actions.

     In fact, they will be two wrecking balls smashing away at anything and everything you and I attempt to do from now on.

     In addition, it will give the Far Left crucial reinforcements to enact a raft of economy-wrecking, freedom-killing legislation like:

  • The Green New Deal
  • Federal Gun Grabbing Legislation
  • Massive Tax Hikes
  • Filling the Federal Judicial Branch with Radicals

     That’s why I must ask you to please complete the STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY below, immediately.

     The U.S. Senate is perhaps the most important legislative body in the world today.

     The U.S. Senate approves international treaties which can then become superior to U.S. Law — even the Constitution!

     The U.S. Senate confirms every Presidential appointee from Cabinet members to the all-important members of the judiciary.

     How many times has one vote made the difference between stopping the worst leftist scheme or allowing them to grab more and more power and strip you of more and more of your Constitutional rights?

     Imagine if two more radical left wing Senators from the state of New Columbia were there?

     This is the vision of the Radical Left as they do everything in their power to make D.C. a state.

     This legislation is already red hot on Capitol Hill.

     I am so concerned about this Senate takeover scheme because I simply don’t trust anyone in this town to stand up to them.

     The GOP Senate leadership is weak and easily played by the Fake News media and the ruthless Senate Democrats.

     You and I can’t count on Senate GOP leaders to do the right thing all by themselves.  They need you and I and millions of other patriots all across the country to give them some backbone to stand up to the wily Senate Democrats and the ruthless Washington establishment.

     What really concerns me is that the Far Left knows this legislation is so critical to the future they will do anything, and I mean anything, to get this legislation enacted.

     They will cut any deal, make any promise to the Senate GOP leaders and even steamroll centuries of tradition to make their dream of permanent Senate control a reality.

     That’s exactly why I must have your completed STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY immediately — it’s right at the bottom of this email.

Folks, nothing less than our nation’s future hangs in the balance!

That’s why I, as Project Chairman of The Sovereignty Project, am committing everything to generate the immediate grassroots support so vital if we are to stop this legislation now.

If we miss this opportunity, you and I may be permanently barred from ever passing any bill again in the Senate…

…or stopping any piece of radical leftist legislation.

     Already, I and The Sovereignty Project have developed a five-part plan to make certain every patriotic American knows how important it is to prevent this Senate takeover.  Here it is:

1.  I must have your completed STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY completed immediately.  Your immediate personal support of this campaign is critically important.

2.  I must add an additional 1,000,000 or more voices to yours.  Only if we can collect a huge number of completed STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY polls along with yours, and get them under the noses of every single member of the United States Congress, can we be sure that the politicians and bureaucrats will take us seriously.

3. I and The Sovereignty Project will gather opposition for this critical legislation by urgently contacting Congress on your behalf to convince them there is a grassroots army out there willing to lay on the tracks if necessary to prevent the Senate from falling to radical leftist ideologues FOREVER.

4. I and The Sovereignty Project will monitor every effort by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the radical leftist hordes to ram this dangerous Senate takeover legislation through.  And we will make certain to inform you and every other patriotic American so that we can work together to save our nation.

5.  The Sovereignty Project will conduct an aggressive, targeted national media campaign including press, radio, internet and television interviews that will help shine the bright light of truth on this scheme to drive a permanent Senate takeover for the forces of the Far Left.

     Your completed STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY is the vitally important first step!

     I know that this is an ambitious plan. But I know that if we have your support, it can work. That’s why I must ask you to immediately complete your STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY.

     And with your completed SURVEY, please include your most generous contribution to The Sovereignty Project.

     I must have your help if I am to give our allies in the Senate the spine they will need to stand up to the Far Left with one million completed SURVEYS.

     While I hesitate to name an amount, I must ask you to make your maximum possible contribution to save the rule of law keeping us free.

     We will need to raise at least $68,600 within the next month. At least that much. This is an absolutely unprecedented campaign and I have no idea what obstacles we will have to overcome.

     And I must raise at least $34,300 of that within the next 14 days or I will be forced to abandon this STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY project that is so vital if we are to stop this grave threat to our freedom.

     So, please sit down right now and send your most generous contribution to help me and The Sovereignty Project stop the Far Left from adding two radical leftist rubberstamps for their economy-wrecking and freedom-killing agenda. 

     And please also help me expand this effort by enclosing your most generous gift to The Sovereignty Project.  Please know whatever you can afford would be a great help to this effort. If you can, please send $2,000 or $1,500, or maybe $1,000 or $500, or $250 or $100, or even $50 or $35 or $25. 

     Thank you for your support. And God Bless America.


 Tom Morris, Project Chairman
The Sovereignty Project

P.S. Can you imagine a world where two extremist Far Left Senators from the state of New Columbia would hold the fate of every Federal judge, Supreme Court judge, international treaty and more in the palms of their hands?  

That’s a world we will live in unless you and I can stop H.R. 51/S. 51, the D.C. Admissions Act, a scheme designed to give the worst Far Left politicians PERMANENT control of the U.S. Senate by making Washington, D.C., a state.

I need your help today to ensure this monstrous plot doesn’t gain traction in Washington. Please complete your STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY to me today.  Time is running out. Many thanks — Tom


The results of your SURVEY will be tabulated with those of thousands of other Americans and released to the United States House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the news media, and influential members of the Republican Party. Please check the appropriate box that most clearly reflects your opinion on these important issues. Complete as many questions as possible.


Your individual STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. Thank you for your participation! 

Your participation in this important STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY project, and your financial support of this project, are vital to secure the future of our great nation. 

With your completed STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY, please enclose your maximum possible contribution to help The Sovereignty Project to gather the one million or more SURVEY results necessary. With your support, we can stop the Far Left from capturing the U.S. Senate permanently.



Yes, I will help underwrite the cost of this massive mobilization of the American people to prevent a permanent Far Left power grab of the U.S. Senate with my maximum possible online contribution.

No, Tom. I can’t help at this time, but I will donate $9 to help cover the cost of tabulating and processing my SURVEY. Donate here.

I would like to donate by check. Please make check payable to: The Sovereignty Project and send to: Tom Morris, Project Chairman, The Sovereignty Project, P.O. Box 97064, Washington, DC 20090-7064

This STOP THE D.C. STATEHOOD POWERGRAB SURVEY is paid for by The Sovereignty Project, a project of Americans Care, Inc. Because Americans Care, Inc., is designated as a 501(c)4 non-profit organization by the IRS, gifts and contributions to The Sovereignty Project are not deductible on your Federal income taxes.