Sign here to deport George Soros.

Dear Friend,

George Soros was shaking with elitist rage.

     He had just spent tens of millions of dollars to elect Hillary Clinton…

…and LOST!

     No one tells him “no!”  Now he wants blood!

     So, the week after the election, he called every liberal bigwig and schemer in DC to a secret three-day-long meeting at Washington’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel. 

     There, he laid out a multi-year, multi-million dollar “Resistance” plan to turn our America into a socialist nation.

     You can already see this “Resistance” plan in action, with daily illegal leaks, Fake News attacks and now Soros-approved socialist legislation being seriously considered by Congress.

     He thinks this “Resistance” plan is foolproof, but our researchers dug up something…

George Soros may have forfeited his U.S. citizenship!

     He can be legally barred from donating to U.S. political causes and…


     Will you help me force the Feds to deport Soros?

1) Let me add your name to our DEFEND AMERICA! DEPORT SOROS! NATIONAL PETITION.  I will add your name, along with hundreds of thousands of others from patriots like you, and deliver this massive NATIONAL PETITION to Congress.

     2) Along with your name on our  NATIONAL PETITION, I must ask you to please make your best gift to the American Presidential Task Force so I can expand this effort and get NATIONAL PETITIONS into the hands of hundreds of thousands of other patriots all across our nation, forcing Congress to begin the process of deporting George Soros. Click here to donate NOW

You are probably already aware of Soros’ plan to sabotage and overthrow the government of the United States of America.

Some might even call it a war on the U.S. Constitution.

     If you’ve seen the Fake News being churned out by Soros-loyalist press…

…the riots and assaults by Soros-funded groups…

…and the radical legislation introduced in Congress by Soros sock puppets — you already know what orders were given in his three-day DC meeting.

     But here’s what you may not know.

     The only reason Soros can do all this is because the Hungarian-born creepy billionaire also holds U.S. citizenship.

He can donate to U.S. political groups after taking the following oath:

     I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America

Notice the part I underlined and put in bold type.

     His U.S. citizenship is conditional on his never declaring himself a subject of any other country or government.

     That’s why I found interesting a 2011 letter to European political leaders demanding they support the European Union, in which Soros declared, “As concerned Europeans we urge Eurozone leaders to unite” and seize control of banking and the military.

     Notice what I underlined and put in bold type this time.  He signed the letter as a European Union citizen.

     Under Federal law, you cannot be both a “European” and an American.


     He can be legally stripped of his U.S. citizenship and…


     If he loses his U.S. citizenship, he can no longer donate to U.S. political causes. That blows a huge hole in his plans to overthrow our nation and our constitution.

     And we’re not the only ones looking at this.  His native Hungary is passing a law to ban him from funding political groups there!

     If his own country is banning him from funding politics, why are we letting him control our government?

     So let’s force Congress to take action! 

     You can do your part by adding your name to our DEFEND AMERICA! DEPORT SOROS! NATIONAL PETITION right now.

     Then I must add thousands and thousands of voices to yours. Only if we collect a huge number of NATIONAL PETITIONS — at least 1 million or more — along with yours, can we deliver a powerful message to Congress:

     We won’t let George Soros continue to attack our nation, especially when Soros forfeited his U.S. citizenship and his own Hungary is banning him from politics!

     And please, I must ask you to include your best possible contribution to help the American Presidential Task Force serve as the pro-America, anti-Soros grassroots army.

     We are a 100% independent, fearless, conservative group. We answer only to principle and we are staffed with battle-hardened, never-compromise conservatives.

     The American Presidential Task Force is the grassroots army our nation needs right now!

     As you know, the American Presidential Task Force receives no government funds and no massive corporate grants. We can only rely on patriots like you. 

     I intend to stage an all-out 90-day campaign to force Congress to deport George Soros. The budget for this campaign calls for an additional $134,240 in funding above and beyond what the American Presidential Task Force has been able to commit so far. And I must raise at least $67,390 of that within the next 30 days.

     Please sit down right now and send your most generous contribution to help me and the American Presidential Task Force defend America — by deporting George Soros.

     If you can afford it, please gift $2,000 or $1,500, or maybe $1,000 or $500, or $250 or $100, or even $50 or $35 or $25. Please know that it will be well-used to do here in the U.S. what his own native Hungary is doing — banning him from infecting our political system!

     Please, add your name to our DEFEND AMERICA! DEPORT SOROS! NATIONAL PETITION and make your contribution right away. Every day of delay is another day Soros gets to carry out his plans to sabotage our Constitution and turn our America into yet another socialist hell-hole, despite having already forfeited his legal grounds to do so.

     Thank you for your support. And God Bless America.


                               Thomas Torok
                               Project Chairman
                               American Presidential Task Force

P.S.  Every attack and scheme against President Trump was planned in a secret meeting the week after the 2016 election between George Soros and liberal elites in an exclusive DC hotel. He’s such a threat to global security his native Hungary is banning him from politics!

The only reason he can fund such a scheme here is because he secured U.S. citizenship — which he legally forfeited a few years ago when he declared himself a “European” citizen. 

Not only can he now be legally barred from funding the “Resistance” — he can be deported and banned from the U.S.!

But Congress won’t do that unless we force it! Please, add your name to our DEFEND AMERICA! DEPORT SOROS! NATIONAL PETITION right away. And I must also ask you to make your best possible contribution to help the American Presidential Task Force expand this fight to enforce our laws, defend our America and deport George Soros!

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