SCOTUS Makes Correct (Trumpian) Decision for Once!


The Supreme Court has ruled against the Biden administration in its attempt to end the “Remain in Mexico” program. The policy, implemented by President Trump, makes asylum seekers at the Mexico/USA border stay in Mexico until their case is heard in a U.S. courtroom to determine their eligibility and status.

The Biden administration had applied to block a federal judge’s order requiring U.S. border officials to reinstate the so-called “Remain-in-Mexico” policy.

The policy, in cooperation with Mexico, resulted in court tents being set up in places like Laredo, Texas, where migrants could briefly enter the USA for their hearings, before going back to Mexico.

The Trump administration argued that the policy ended the “catch-and-release ” system, which it saw as a major draw for migrants headed to the US. 

The three liberal justices – Justices Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer – would have accepted the application for a stay, i.e. voted to dump Trump’s policy and open the borders for asylum seekers to vanish into the country and never return for their hearing as is mostly the case.