Not a good example. Chief Justice John Roberts failed us all in Senate

There’s a great piece over on American Thinker. Basically it’s saying that Chief Justice John Roberts made a trifecta of errors, so egregious that the the Senate should have immediately voted to have the case dismissed against President Trump.  

The first error was a failure to hold House Democrat managers accountable for their gross breach of decorum. Having reminded both sides to be polite, he failed to admonish Chairman Nadler (D-N.Y.) for calling the president “a dictator.” This was part of a general trend on his part to favor the House Democrats over the president’s legal team.

What’s interesting is if Nadler had made that personal insult during a House debate his words would have been “taken down” under Rule XVII, clause 4, of the standing rules of the House of Representatives.  Disorderly, or unparliamentary, remarks are a violation of House rules of decorum.  This mechanism, which is referred to as “words taken down,” may be invoked during debate on the House floor, in the Committee of the Whole, or in the standing and select committees of the House. And, Members whose words are determined to be unparliamentary may not be recognized to speak for the rest of the day (even on yielded time) unless the Member is allowed to proceed in order by unanimous consent or a motion.

Error number two for Chief Justice Roberts, according to Ed Timperlake’s great article, is that he failed to admonish the House managers or hold them accountable for committing perjury.  Adam Schiff lied persistently, inventing words he claimed the President had uttered on the infamous Ukrainian call. 

Error three occurred when Senator Rand Paul asked a question that was not allowed that obliquely referred to the “whistleblower” but did not name him. This goes to the heart of the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment (facing one’s accusers) that says if the person reporting the transgression is not present, then the judge will issue a verdict of not guilty. The Sixth Amendment is one of the foundational stones upon which our entire edifice of a fair system of justice is built.

Senator Rand Paul: My question today is about whether or not individuals who were holdovers from the Obama National Security Council and Democrat partisans conspired with Schiff staffers to plot impeaching the president before there were formal House impeachment proceedings.

This was not a good look for the Supreme Court. We expect better from the Chief Justice.

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