Liberals turning blind-eye to Hunter’s CCP deals

“Now, among other new revelations, we find that Joe Biden actually wrote a college recommendation letter for both the son and the daughter of one of Hunter’s Chinese business partners.

According to emails seen by, Hunter was involved in an email chain between other business associated and Jonathan Li, CEO of a Chinese firm Li asked for advice on behalf of his son Christopher for US college applications. He listed Brown University, Cornell University and New York University. The following month, Eric Schwerin – president of Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca consultancy firm at the time – sent a follow-up email to Jonathan Li. He said that a recommendation letter had been written by ‘Hunter’s father’ and sent directly to Dr. Christina Paxson Brown – University’s president since 2012

Hunter claimed in one email that half his “earnings” went to subsidize his father. And, of course, we’ve always known that Joe let Hunter use Air Force Two as a virtual shuttle service for Hunter’s big deals in China, bringing his son along on a state visit for no discernible reason other than to give Hunter access to Chinese businesses that effectively were subsidiaries of the Communist state. 

The younger Biden knew well that these folks weren’t just independent businessmen. Hunter described one of them in an email as “the spy chief of China.” It defies belief to think that Vice President Biden could travel all the way to China with his son and not have a clue (and for his staff and the U.S. intelligence community to be unaware as well) that his son would use the visit to set up multimillion-dollar deals with people known to be Chinese Communist agents.” Washington Examiner. Now let’s see how painfully slowly the MSM picks up on it.