It’s time to shut down the CDC

Whatever happened to follow The Science? Remember when we were told the vaccine would mean you couldn’t catch or spread the disease? And then how they told us it just stops you catching it? And then that the vaccine means you suffer less from the disease? And now they are doubling down on an ineffective vaccine, which appears to hurt natural immunity, by demanding vaccinated workers receive extra doses while firing others who worked the entire pandemic prior to the vaccine and refuse to participate in a useless gene experiment masquerading as a preventative.

Earlier we reported that the head of the CDC said, “What the vaccines can’t do anymore is prevent transmission”. We also mentioned that the CDC is a vaccine company, owners of many vaccine patents which rake in billions of dollars each year. It was never designed to communicate with the public – a fact we see daily as it dithers and changes its message on covid safety. Today, for instance leaks from within are suggesting they are about to tell us to dump our cloth masks (something all sane people have been saying all along) in favor of the 95 series. The CDC and World Health Organization currently recommend that the public wear cloth masks.

Even the left is gradually getting it.

Here, Congressman Tom Massie, himself an MIT trained scientist, reveals they don’t even bother with minimum standards for their publishing arm.

It’s time to shutter the CDC. It is not fit for purpose.

Remember this? Elon was right.