Guess what’s the No. 1 concern for Democrats?

A recent poll by Echelon Insights shows that Republicans are most concerned about solving big policy issue, while Democrat are focused almost solely on hating Republicans.

Echelon polled 1,005 registered voters and found that Republican voters are concerned about illegal immigration, lack of support for police, high taxes, left-wing media bias, the moral decline of the country, socialism, Antifa, China, late-term abortion, election fraud, tech censorship, and discrimination against Christians. Top concern for Democrat voters — no joke — Trump supporters. A full 82 percent of Democrats are extremely/very concerned with Trump supporters.

So the thing freaking out the left more than anything else is the fact that … you and I exist, the fact that we Trump supporters share this country with them. It’s not Global Warming or world hunger. No, what is freaking Democrats out more than anything else is us, people who dare to think differently, vote differently, speak and believe differently.

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