Facebook didn’t like this Branco Cartoon

Tony Branco was punished for sharing his own work – commissioned by us here at Americans Care – which runs through a few of the beliefs formerly known as Conspiracy Theories that turned out to be Spoiler Alerts.

What could Zuckerberg’s minions find offensive about it? Could it be that they spent the last three years covering up for the Administration, the WHO, the Democrat party, and the global elite cabal that seeks to deny ordinary people any control over their own lives? Can they just not stand to see the truth emerge? After all Orange Man Bad, right? He’s definitely a Russian stooge. And don’t anti-vaxxers want to kill grandma? And that nice Hunter – isn’t he super smart and a great international businessman?

C’mon, man, give us a break. Facebook – learn from Twitter. This is a nation that defends and respects free speech, open debate and transparency. Don’t be the bad guys here.

Release Branco! #ReleaseBrancoFromFBJail