Dems/Feds Spend Millions Building Massive Database on January 6 Riot

The Department of Justice, (DOJ)has spent $6.1 million – and climbing – on a massive database to keep all the evidence related to the January 6 Capitol protest in one place – but not one for Antifa, naturally. Yet again the vast left wing conspiracy is demonstrating that its real enemy is regular Americans, especially those with a conservative leaning. Those arrested in the disturbance are currently being kept in atrocious conditions in the Capital. Read this report. Our fellow Americans are being beaten and tortured. Because they are conservatives. We know it’s political because the Antifa rioters are not similarly persecuted.

And that database amount? $6.1 million is just for starters. That figure could climb as high as $26 million.

Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP, was awarded the contract in late May and began work on the database. The feds have begun delivering volumes of information to Deloitte, including thousands of records from the Capitol Police. The trove of evidence will include photos, videos, written reports, and a of course the infamous Lego Capitol that of course denotes white supremacy and was being used to map out the territory for an attack!