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I attended the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference on behalf of Americans Care. We focus on supporting the President, seniors’ issues and immigration. We used the time to share our mission with other conference goers and to learn more about the movements dedicated to our core missions. This year’s CPAC theme was America vs Socialism, a realistic topic given the left-wing nature of the Democratic Primary contenders.

First off was a speech from Mike Pence, the Vice-President who reviewed many of this Administration’s successes:

  • National security starts with border security. Down 80% illegal border crossings. 
  • Law and order is being supported. Trump investing in the thin blue line including Customs and Border Patrol.
  • Trump has appointed 190 conservative judges. They are protecting liberty and justice for all by supporting the Second Amendment. Dems voted down bill to extend protection to babies who survive an abortion. But amazingly, the 9th Circuit upheld Trump’s instruction that no federal should go to fund abortion. 
  • Tax cuts for all!
  • Federal red tape has received a massive cut.
  • USA is net exporter of energy for the first time in 75 years. 
  • Trump is not interested in managing decline. It’s all about growth and jobs. New international trade agreements puts Americans jobs first. 
  • In three short years we have Made America Great Again. So many promises kept.
  • There is still work to be done. Please return to your precincts and get involved. We need “Four More Years!”

Pence was funny on the subject of the Democratic Townhalls and Debates. He said it wasn’t a dem debate but a Demolition Derby. Just as at a demolition derby the crumbiest cars crash into each other until there’s one driver left, these crummy candaditates are smashing into each other until the last man stands.

He said, “We all know how it will end. There’s going to be a Monster Truck enter the stadium with a big T on it!

There are no moderates in the democratic race. It’s a part that’s been taken over by leftist ideology.

It won’t be enough to win next election we have to win next generation. 

Vice President Mike Pence

Freedom not socialism have made us the most prosperous nation in the world. As the President said one year ago “America will never be a socialist country.”

Trump more conservative than Reagan

One of the first people I heard talk was the head of the Heritage Foundation, Kay James, who talked about their annual Mandate for Leadership, which they have been producing for 40 years. She said:

It’s a guideline for policy. Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love former President Reagan. When we published our Mandate for Leadership, President Reagan gave it to every member of his cabinet and said if you do this we will have a successful presidency. And President Reagan, as good as he was, accomplished about 49 percent of The Heritage Foundation Mandate for Leadership. Now here comes Mr. “Make America Great Again” Donald J. Trump. And he has in his first term embraced over 64 percent of The Heritage Foundation Mandate!

Kay C. James, Heritage Foundation

The Road to Socialized Medicine is the Super Highway to Serfdom

I watched a very interesting panel introduced by Rep. Steve Scalise on the topic of socialized medicine. One panelist opined that if Princess Diana’s car crash had occurred in the USA and not France, she would have survived. Our response time and emergency medicine is on another level. The princess waited one hour to be cut from the car, she arrived at the hospital alive but wasn’t treated for another three hours. We have competition between hospitals and they strive to stay at the cutting edge, ready for anything. This type of treatment would be unheard of and unacceptable in the USA. This panel also shared the results of polling n socialized medicine. People are in favor until they hear that they would lose the benefits fought for by unions, Medicare would vanish, there would be a massive reduction in R&D, we would lose control of the process, our taxes go up, quality would go down and the lack of competition would allow the government to provide the poorest quality of treatment. Compare with Cuba. In the whole of the country there are three MRI machines. There were probably more than that many within five miles of the convention center!

Another aspect of healthcare in America compared with other nations is the importance of property rights/patents for drug and appliance manufacturers. It should be noted that other countries don’t produce hip and knee joints, or stents. Everyone imports American products because they don’t have patent protection like we do.

A Canadian surgeon reported that the average surgery wait is in the region of two years. And you will never get to pick your doctor or interview your surgeon or do the very best for yourself. You get what you are given. The Austrian reported that in the EU cancer victims must wait valuable months for treatment. This rarely occurs in the US.

Border Security should come FIRST

Rep. Louis Gohmert TX-1 was on great form. Rather than type it out, here it is. You can watch one of our greatest Congressmen speaking from the heart on the border, immigration and most importantly winning the House back in 2020.

And last nut not least!

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