‘Chelsea for President’ campaign takes huge step forward

It’s pretty obvious that Hillary Clinton and the media are grooming Chelsea Clinton for a future presidential run.

Hillary Clinton is still seething.

Denied the presidency twice because of her own bumbling and arrogance, Clinton realizes her time may be up.

But she isn’t giving up on her plans to build a Clinton presidential legacy. Hillary and the media have begun work on the Chelsea Clinton presidential campaign.

Hillary and Chelsea quickly threw together a new book, “The Book of Gusty Women” and are using it to launch a new national publicity campaign…with Chelsea at the center.

It started with a glowing, softball feature on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.”

Incidentally, CBS published the book, timed to come out just as the media go full bore into their “Impeach Trump” campaign. (News breaking today from Project Veritas has the owner of CNN on tape saying he wants “nothing but impeachment” on his station.)

Host Jane Pauley grinned non-stop and laughed hysterically at every attempted joke as CBS went out of its way to compare the two to Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman and other famous women.

The segment then devolved into an attack on President Trump with Hillary calling him “an illegitimate president” and accusing him of stealing the election from her.

They wrapped up with Chelsea, in soft lighting, gushing over Hillary and talking about making the world better for future generations.

With Chelsea offering no insights into anything that was discussed and having no reason to author a book, why was she even there?

The intent is clear.

With Chelsea literally waiting at Hillary’s side, the plan is to convince America that Hillary Clinton had the presidency stolen from her and the only way to heal America is to make Chelsea president.

And those plans may be kicking into high gear with the sudden retirement of New York Congresswoman Nita Lowey and the mysterious purchase of a home.

“Chelsea could run for the seat in NYC’s 17th Congressional District once Lowey, a respected, 79-year-old career politician with nearly 30 years in office, decides to retire, we have exclusively learned,” The New York Post reports.

Just weeks ago Hillary purchased a $1.16 million dollar home for Chelsea and her husband, next door to hers.

It just happens to be in Lowey’s district.

The Post reports:

“This is no longer just about the crazy stuff he says and does that everybody shrugs at or worries about,” @HillaryClinton said of President Trump. “This is a direct threat to the national security of America.” https://t.co/9tD8QPPS0A— PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) October 9, 2019

A source told us, “While it is true the Clintons need some time to regroup after Hillary’s crushing loss, they will not give up. Chelsea would be the next extension of the Clinton brand. In the past few years, she has taken a very visible role in the Clinton Foundation and on the campaign trail. While politics isn’t the life Hillary wanted for Chelsea, she chose to go on the campaign trail for her mother and has turned out to be very poised, articulate and comfortable with the visibility.”

The source continued, “There has been a lot of speculation within New York Democratic circles about Lowey’s retirement and Chelsea running for the seat. There is a belief that Chappaqua is a logical place for Chelsea to run, because it would be straightforward for her to raise money and build a powerful base.”

Sorry guys, couldn’t resist it! Does he clean up as well as an email server or a blue dress?

Forty-four years later, and he still cleans up pretty well.

Happy anniversary, Bill! pic.twitter.com/T4Emcah1r8— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 11, 2019

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