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Walking it Back with the “DC Clean Up Crew”

President Joe Biden is reportedly frustrated with his staff in the White House and their efforts [...]

Biden Administration to ‘Transform’ US Food System – What could possibly go wrong?

By Seton Motley We were more than a little concerned when we saw this…. Secretary [...]

Biden all set to hand health security to WHO

The World Health Organization is drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would [...]

Gobbledygook storms White House

Vice President Kamala Harris made absolutely no sense when she said “work together” five times [...]

Obama & Biden: The Left’s student debt crisis

By Rick Manning What to do about student loan debt? With all the problems swirling in [...]

Gone to the Border

It’s imperative we hire and retain the best and brightest talent this country has, and [...]

Biden Fuels Soaring Inflation and Media Does Its Part to Gaslight Us About It

The United States is suffering through its highest level of inflation in 40 years and [...]

Does this shady company actually run the USA?

The pipeline has produced a dominance of WestExec alums throughout the administration. Even by Washington [...]

The Dumpster Fire that Biden’s Fueling

A CNN poll in early February asked Americans what they thought of Biden’s presidency and [...]

Liberals turning blind-eye to Hunter’s CCP deals

“Now, among other new revelations, we find that Joe Biden actually wrote a college recommendation [...]