Branco Cartoon – Spreads On Thick

It’s sure not building back better! Since January 2021 the Biden Administration has amassed a list of failures that completely erased the wealth creation of the Trump years and turned America from “Leader of the Western World” into a bit player pathetically enabling the rise of a Sino-Russian new order.

  • Record inflation caused by massive government spending and shortages
  • Laughing stock on international stage emboldening tyrants
  • Cancelled Keystone, approved Nordstream 2 and eliminated US energy self-sufficiency
  • Supply chain errors causing shortages in every industrial and agricultural area
  • Afghanistan withdrawal disaster
  • Shady deal with Iran that threatens Israel and ME regional security
  • Soaring gas prices and running down of Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  • Promoted grooming of schoolchildren through “woke” laws and regulations
  • Denied reasonable treatment to J6 prisoners
  • Used federal agencies to bury all evidence of Hunter/Joe Biden foreign deals and money laundering
  • Added $1.2 trillion to the National Debt
  • Funded record numbers of illegal immigrants while failing struggling middle-class families