Border Hypocrisy From Pelosi

Despite warnings that a dangerous war with Russia could soon be unleashed if diplomatic efforts fail, House Democrats are reportedly looking to bypass typical procedures and fast-track a vote on legislation that would send $500 million in military aid to Ukraine — a move that critics say only adds fuel to the fire, says msn.

The Intercept reported Tuesday that “Democrats in the House of Representatives are planning to expedite a massive bill that would dramatically increase U.S. security assistance to Ukraine and lay the groundwork for substantial new sanctions on Russia — hastening a war-friendly posture without opportunity for dissent as concerns over a military invasion abound.”

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told members on a caucus call Tuesday that she’s looking to skip marking up the bill and move it straight to the House floor, setting up the possibility of a vote as soon as early next week.” 

Russia has amassed at least 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s border, sparking fears that Moscow may launch an invasion. In 2014, Russia invaded and then annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

The Kremlin has denied it plans to invade Ukraine, but diplomatic engagements have been unsuccessful at trying to get Moscow to draw down its forces.

As Self-Reliance Central reported yesterday there is a lot of military preparedness going on around Ukraine and its prime real estate in Crimea on the Black Sea.

Meanwhile on the US Border

The left’s border policy hypocrisy is evident as it weighs sending U.S. troops to Ukraine amid the ongoing crisis at the southern border while they oversee the mass release of migrants into the United States. 

And in Congress Pelosi is pushing this

This is a rush transcript of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on January 25, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.


Well, a news alert for you. Nancy Pelosi is even more agitated tonight than usual. On a conference call just hours ago, Pelosi demanded that her members vote immediately on a piece of legislation she says is critical to our National Security.

The bill she is talking about, among other things affirms the central importance of national borders. Well, of course, if there is not a border, you can’t have a country, and Nancy Pelosi firmly believes that. In fact, she believes it so strongly, she is directing the Biden administration to develop an urgent new plan to keep the border secure. In fact, not simply secure, but in the words of the new legislation, Section 208, “inviolable.” Meaning impossible to breach, walled up and buttoned down, bulletproof. That’s quite a border.

But why wouldn’t it be? When it comes to borders, Nancy Pelosi isn’t messing around. Are you surprised to hear this? Well then, you may have misunderstood. Pelosi isn’t talking about the U.S. border, the one that’s currently open. She is talking about the Ukrainian border, the one that actually matters.

The bill Pelosi is promoting is called the Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act. Its purpose is to guarantee quote, “Ukraine sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.” These are the things that all countries need. We’d love to have them here.